Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birchbox September

Birchbox Sept

This month’s Birchbox has arrived!


Birchbox wanted to highlight Fall 2012 trends so all of the samples reflect what is new this Fall.

First up…

Benefit Cosmetics foamingly clean facial wash and refined finish facial polish, full size $21-22


The package claims to purify your skin with this glycerin packed cleanser and natural clay exfoliator.  I wish I could tell you it smelled nice, but I have a cold right now, so I will have to get back to you. I do love the few things I have tried from Benefit, so it sounds interesting.



Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish, full size $8


You have no idea how much I love grey/slate hues on nails.  It’s an obsession. So, I am beyond elated that these colors will be back this fall.  I really like this color and will probably be applying it to my toes this very evening.  Be jealous of my podiatrial trendiness….but ignore my weird misshapen fourth toe on the right foot, I broke it on a free weight…’s a long story. (I am pretty sure I just made the word podiatrial up, make note so I get proper credit)

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF, full size $32


It touts that it is the “Swiss Army Knife” of your beauty lineup.  Hmmm….sounds dangerous. This is foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen and serum in one handy little tube. Besides the weird name (poor Dr. Jart) it sounds promising.

Kate Spade New York – Twirl, full size $18-80


Since I like all things Kate Spade (what girl doesn’t?) I found this is no exception.  Twirl is a light blend of fruity and floral..which for me, makes the floral easier to tolerate.  Let’s face it…they had me at the gold embossed lettering.  I decided all things are better with gold embossed lettering.  That speeding ticket I was so ticked off about would have been down right exciting if it had been typed up in gold embossed lettering….. I think I’ll write the state an email.

Twistband Hair Tie, set of 12, $18


Okay, I am about to save you $18.  Go to your local fabric store and buy some elastic, you know, the kind you would sew into clothing.  Buy a couple feet and cut it into 4 inch strips. Tie it together at one end and voila, you have a hair tie. You’re welcome and I will be patiently awaiting your thank you emails. Did I mention I don’t think these are worth $18?

And finally..

Drumroll please..

This has to be the icing on the cake…

Preferably buttercream and not that weird whipped cream stuff….oooo, or maybe cream cheese...mmmm.  Okay, I’ll stop.

Band-Aid brand Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids

Yes, you just read correctly, they now have designer band aids.  If that isn’t ridiculous enough, these puppies will run you about $15 for a pack of 20.  No, I’m not kidding.  Here they are..


There are so many things that make my head spin I don’t know where to begin.

1.  If you were going to dress up for an important occasion, why would you want a band aid that has gold chains on it? I would think you would want a band aid that blends in and isn’t too conspicuous, but maybe I am missing something.

2. Being a hair stylist, I have often thought that I should buy stock in Band-Aid.  We go through a lot.  But for $15 a box..I think I’ll bleed to death first.

3.  Did I mention the $15 for something that is only going to sop up whatever weird bodily fluid you are leaking!? It’s gross and unthrifty in one box….and in some countries it may be illegal…I’ll have my people check on that.  My people being a 6 year old, a 3 year old, and a dog with severe grass allergies that we lovingly nicknamed “itchy-scratchy”…so, it may take a while.

Alright, I think I am done.  It was a pretty good Birchbox this month…except for the hideously expensive hair ties and band aids.  I will now take my stuffy nose and go paint my toes. I should be a poet.


Have A Great Sunday!



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