Monday, September 3, 2012

190 Years Ago...

Not many people can say that they attend the church that their ancestors started 190 years ago.   Growing up, I always found it odd when people would talk about researching their family history. I didn't understand that most people couldn't just walk out of their front door and know exactly where and who they came from.  As I got older, I came to really appreciate the fact that I have always known just about everything to do with my ancestry and how the area that I grew up in was settled.
Long story, ancestors, John and Charity Mills, were Quakers living in North Carolina and at the time NC was a slave state. The Quaker doctrine did not agree with slavery (fact: many people that helped with the Underground Railroad were Quaker), so they packed up their family and moved all the way from North Carolina and settled in Vermilion Grove, Illinois. John and Charity, along with two other families, erected a log cabin that would serve as their meeting house until a church was built years later, which is the same Church that stands to this day. There are 7 Friend's (Quaker) Meetings in this area today and they all started from that little log cabin on the hill.  It is amazing that I can actually walk out of my Church and cross the street to the cemetery and still see John and Charity Mills' gravestones standing.  In fact, almost everyone buried in that cemetery is a relative in some way.  

The Church wanted to have a special service to celebrate it's 190th birthday, so my ladies quartet was asked to perform for the service and we gladly accepted!

 As you can tell, we recruited another member for this special performance...

and as you can also tell, he isn't a lady...

so maybe "ladies quartet" was a little misleading...but you get the point.

We had a great time singing and worshipping together and had a great meal afterwards. We estimated that 200 people attended our service and celebrated with us. All in all it was a wonderful day and after 190 years our little Friend's Meeting is still going strong.. and ready for 190 more!

Have A Great Day!

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