Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Staying Connected

I officially tapped out yesterday.

You know that school has begun when your little munchkin comes home one evening and says, "Mom, I have a sore throat." You immediately groan in your head and think, "Here we go." My family has been relatively healthy all summer, so I kinda had a premonition that some illness was lurking around the corner.

Oh, how right I was. Since last Wednesday each member of our family has been picked off one by one by this illness - Grandparents included. Some had it worse than others, but what I didn't expect was that I would make like a tree on Ax Men and go down fast and hard. I almost literally did just that while helping my baby in the bathroom yesterday. Luckily, I kinda guided myself down, and didn't officially pass completely out. When my hubby came home, I didn't move from my bed all evening. He came in to check on me later and started laughing.

Quick piece of advice for you men out there - never laugh at your sick wife.
This is what he found so funny..

I had every gadget known to man in bed with me. I had:

Remote control
Cell phone
What really worried him was he also spotted my wallet which meant there may or may not have been some shoe shopping going on. I'll never tell.

So, basically the whole point of telling you this story was to make you feel sorry for me. Just kidding. I want to pay tribute to the wonderful minds that have come up with all this awesome technology. If I was a sick Momma 25 years ago I would have been stuck in bed with the television on the same channel all day because I was too sick to get up, walk across the room and change it to one of the other two channels that we picked up with our antenna. I might have been able to answer the phone if the cord stretched far enough. I would have been alone, trapped in my room .....with nothing to do ...all by myself ...resting ......wait a minute here. All of the sudden, that doesn't sound so bad.

So, here's to you, oh geniuses of technology:

Thanks a bunch for helping me stay connected to the world through my illness!


Thanks a bunch for helping me stay connected to the world through my illness. (sarcastic version)

Have A Happy, germ free Tuesday!

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