Friday, August 3, 2012

Keeping It Real

Recently I've had a few people ask me how I have the time to do all the things I do. The truth is I don't. Between all the many activities we are involved in, running our businesses, helping with our church, etc., things often fall through the cracks. Laundry will pile up, my fridge will be growing a new form of antibiotics and my hall closet has seen better days.

I feel sometimes we have expectations put upon us that just aren't achievable..and my theory is, who cares!? So what if my kitchen needs mopped but instead I have decided to bake cookies or go outside with my kids. I just remind myself that even Martha Stewart has a "mess" room in her home where all her projects, junk, and what-not are scattered around. If she's allowed..then I certainly am!

In honor of every woman out there who feels like she can't get it all done, who wishes the day lasted 30 hours, or has gone to bed with a sink full of dishes, I am stepping forward. I am about to show you what my kitchen looked like on the day I canned 32 jars of blackberry jam, made a cobbler and cooked lunch all at one time. I hope you can appreciate what it is costing me to do this..I feel a little sick...but I'm just keeping it real...

Oh my, that is terrible and somehow I managed to get it all cleaned up. I did half that evening and then got up the next morning and finished...and the cleaning police never did show up and fine me, so it all worked out.

I hope this puts things in perspective and makes every Mom (or Dad) know that they aren't alone in dropping the ball every once in a while. ...and as long as you aren't dropping the ball with your kids, then who cares about the dishes!

Have A Happy Friday!

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  1. You are so down to earth and you really put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing what many would not and also letting us know that it really is the kids that count!