Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Iced Coffee Recipe

Hello, my name is Valerie and I am an iced coffee addict.

They say the first step to recovery is to admit your addiction.
So, I am admitting it gladly, but in no way do I want to recover.
My obsession started earlier this summer when it got so hot that there was absolutely no way that I could bring myself to brew a hot cup of coffee, but I desperately needed a little caffeine boost in the morning or my day was not going to start off well. So, I started my Internet investigation on iced coffee recipes and found a couple pretty good ideas. I tried them and of course, tweaked the final result, to make my own recipe. Now, I can't get enough! It is honestly better than any bought iced coffee I have had simply because I can control exactly what I put in it. So, out of the kindness of my heart, I will share my recipe with you, so we can live together, in a blissful iced coffee euphoria.

You first need to purchase the right type of coffee. Bold or dark coffees work the best for this because you are trying to make a coffee "concentrate". Some people suggest to use an Espresso roast, but I find that the grind is so fine when you buy it pre-ground, that it's hard to deal with in this recipe. Plus, this is an extremely concentrated form of coffee you're making and if you are going to put more than 2 oz. in your drink (and you are) then you are going to be lit up like the fourth of July for quite sometime due to the obscene amount of caffeine...believe me...I experimented, and if you've ever watched the movie "Over The Hedge" and know what I mean when I say "Hammy the squirrel on an energy drink", then you have an idea why I don't use espresso. Anyhoo,you will need 1 pound of ground, dark or bold roast coffee..whatever brand you prefer.

You then need a container that will hold at least a gallon of water. I use a huge glass jar, but plastic is fine too. Then mix your coffee and 1 gallon of water together and let it sit for 8 hours.

Once the time is up, you will need to strain all of your liquid gold into another container that will be more user friendly. I love my glass container I bought at target for this. I place a strainer on top of the opening and then lay a couple layers of cheese cloth in it, just to make sure no grounds get through. I then pour it into the strainer and wait for the liquid to drain through before repeating the process...again...and again..and again. Actually, I pour some in and go do something else for a few minutes and then come back and repeat, it can take a little while to drain, the more grounds you catch.

When you are finished, chill the whole container and now you have an awesome coffee concentrate that is ready for your blissed out iced coffee experience.

Now for the recipe..

Use whatever cup, container, or IV bag you want, and fill it with ice,but the recipe is essentially the same. For me, it is about 1/3 coffee concentrate to 2/3 skim milk, but do what you want for your level of coffee strength. Then I add sugar free coffee syrup to the sweetness I desire and stir.

Oh my gosh, it's delicious. You can change it up and be naughty...add half & half, or..dare I say it?...sweetened condensed milk...oh yeah. But, if I want to get in those cute jeans I just bought...I don't do that very save that for special Thursdays.
Also note that you can make a decaf concentrate the same way, but you won't be zipping around the house like Hammy the squirrel.

Try it! You'll love it! I promise!
I'll quit being so bossy now.
Have a happy Wednesday!
Aka..Hammy the Squirrel


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    1. You're welcome and thanks for reading. Some more coffee posts for you..