Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goat Cheese & Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad

It's Sunday, so it's recipe time. I came up with this easy pasta salad one day when I had a ton of cherry tomatoes coming out of the garden. It's super simple, just a few ingredients, and great for a pot luck. I hope you enjoy it!

Goat Cheese & Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad

First, begin to prepare about 1/2 of a box of linguine according to the directions on the box.
In the meantime, cut in half (or thirds depending on size) some cherry tomatoes until you get about 2 cups and set aside. Then crumble about 4 oz of goat cheese. Next, chop about 2 heaping Tablespoons of fresh basil leaves and 2 cloves of fresh garlic.

Put the crumbled goat cheese and garlic in the bottom of a large bowl..

Then, drain your pasta, reserving a cup of the pasta water, and place the hot pasta on top of the cheese.

Tip: Not a fan of goat cheese? ...or simply haven't ever experienced the joy that is goat cheese? ...well, there is no help for you. Just kidding! First of all, goat cheese is quite tangy in taste, so if you find it a little overwhelming, just use 2 oz of cream cheese with 2 oz of goat cheese, or completely substitute it altogether.

Next, layer your tomatoes and basil on top of the pasta...

...and add a squeeze of lemon.

Combine everything together by stirring slowly. The hot pasta has melted the cheese by now and you should have a bowl of creamy goodness. If you find the mixture too thick, add a few splashes if the pasta water to loosen it up until you get the consistency you want.

Generously add salt and pepper to taste and let stand for a while to let the flavors come together.
This dish is best served at room temperature, making it a great pot luck dish. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. This looks and sounds DELICIOUS! I have never tasted goat cheese but I guess it's time I try. This recipe I will keep for sure!!!!