Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Friday

I deemed last Friday, "Free Friday" to celebrate the last weekday of freedom before school started on Monday. I took my two boys and my nephew to the local county preserve to have a picnic and go on a hike.

Okay, actually after the 10th time I yelled, "Quit wrestling on the furniture!!" I decided it was either: A) take them somewhere or B) go find the duct tape. I thought about it and realized that duct tape probably wasn't a viable option, so off to the park we went.

Part of the fun was that I let the boys pick whatever they wanted to eat for lunch from the grocery store. I tried desperately not to cringe as the first stop in the store was the donut case. Then, I tried not to cringe as I picked a donut out of the donut case. (Hey, we were hiking, the calories don't count when you're doing something healthy to offset them.) I told them that anything goes, as long as there is some sort of "lunch type" food involved. I don't do this...well, my guys thought it was really something special.

We soon arrived at the park and unloaded our treasures and began our feast. Did you know it is a rule that all picnics must include Combos? No? Well, consider yourself informed.

The cutie pie on the right is my baby and cutie pieon the left is my nephew Gabe. My baby is olfactory gland oriented, especially when a sugar coated donut is involved. Poor Gabe!

This is my oldest, Ben. I'm not sure what this face is all about, in fact, I probably wouldn't understand if he told me. Mom's are weird that way.

Then I lost their attention for a few minutes...we had a White Tailed Deer spotting, a momma and two babies, so that was all we could talk about for a little while.

I'm not sure if you can make out the deer, but I tried to snap the pics with my phone..

There are certain rules that boys have ingrained into their DNA, ....a couple of them include..

#1 If there is a must use it as a sword.

#2 If there is mud anywhere in a 50 foot radius of your being, you must go get in it....No matter what your Mom is yelling.

another one that has no picture to accompany it is..

#3 IF there is a rock, you must throw matter what your Mom is yelling.

After lunch, the march through the woods began..

There is a wonderful observation tower that is quite a climb, but we all made it up to the top. What a sight, you can see clear over into Indiana for miles..
Proof we made it..

The next leg of our journey, I did not photograph, mainly because it would have been a lot of pictures of me sweating and making terrible faces. Let me explain..

After we climbed back down the tower, we ventured on down the trail to the river. We had a fun time looking for critters and ...looking for critters, boys tend to do this a lot. When we decided to go back to the picnic area, we had to go back up the trail...with the keyword being "up".
My baby decided to revolt..
and sit...
and whine..
and sit.
  So, being the svelte, in shape Momma that I am, (quit laughing) I threw him up on my shoulders and started hiking back up. About halfway back up, I am pretty sure I started hallucinating, it was excruciating. I have now decided that this should be a leg in the Iron Man competitions. I could just hear it now..
" up, everyone grab a 3 year old and start climbing the hill..." I think we could make some grown men cry with this..I'm definitely on to something here.

After I made it back up the hill..and I finished crying.. we went and played on some playground equipment for a little while. Then, it was time to go back home, so we loaded up and headed out.

The best part..when we got home, not one boy was energetic enough to wrestle fact, no one moved off the couch for quite a while.

The worst part...Iwasn't energetic enough to wrestle fact,I didn't move off the couch for quite a while.

Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh Valerie-you keep me in stitches with your blogs! Ben and Chris are so, so lucky to have you as their Mommy. P.S.-I've seen a few of Ben's funny faces in passing in the hallway at school. He's a hoot!He always says "Hey Mrs. Glascott, do you remember me? I was in your class last year." (how could I ever forget our Buddy Ben?)

    1. Thanks for reading! You should pretend that you have no idea who he is and see what happens!