Friday, August 17, 2012

closet organization idea

The closet organization idea is coming up, but first, as promised, I am going to share with you what I did with my creative chalkboard project from Wednesday. Like I said in Wednesday's post, I took photographs of my son for his 6th birthday...

The chalkboard is clearly out shown by his cuteness!

Oh, that face! Momma just wants to squeeze it...
and give him a smooch...
and make him roll his eyes...
because he's six now..
and clearly to cool for that stuff.

I say, "Too bad, buckaroo! I carried your 9 lb 6 oz. baby behind around, labored for 12 hours and delivered you unto the world." That means I get kisses whenever I want, right? Right!

I also took some without the chalkboard

While I was at it, my good friend and long time co-worker wanted me to take some pics of her little ball of cuteness...

So sweet!

So I think the chalkboard efforts were worth it, don't you?

And now for my closet idea..

I have a six year old that loves to dress himself. Which is great!.....Unless we have to be somewhere. Then people tend to wonder why I dressed my son in green shorts and an orange shirt. Then, I have to explain that I have a six year old that loves to dress himself.
It's a vicious circle.

So, I have decided to hang all of his school "outfits" together. Now, all he has to do is take the hanger out of the closet and on it, is the entire outfit for the day. It takes the guess work out of matching the shorts to the shirts. Then, because I'm obviously a genius, (you can quit laughing) I got the bright idea to take some clothes pins and do this with them..

(I had to redo the Monday & Wednesday pins because I realized that they were upside down.)

Now, on Sunday evenings, we will go into his room, and he will pick out his clothes for the week by placing the clothes pins on the hangers. It will (hopefully) take some of the "time-killing" decision making out of the rush of our mornings and give him the independence he craves. There is also a rule that once he puts the pins on the clothes and closes the closet..that is playing switcheroo on Thursday morning because he changed his mind. The only exception is weather. So, we will see how this works for us since Monday morning is the first day of school.
Have a Great Friday!


  1. WOULD YOU PLEEEEEEEEEASE DO THIS FOR MY SCHOOL CLOTHES TOO? Those "time-killing" decisions get me every time and I already have my independence! All kidding aside, I love this idea! Ben will do well with this because he likes things done methodically and is very, very neat. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS! Keep them coming!

    1. I have my clothes pins and I'm on my way! thanks get the award for my biggest fan :)

  2. Valerie, I think you need to do one of those shows on t.v. You have great ideas, take wonderful pictures (of course the subjects really help, adorable), tell great stories, great beauty tips and some great recipes (I sure am gonna try the cookies). Think you could be the next Rachel Ray. lol Keep them coming!

    1. Aww..thanks Deana! Thanks for reading!