Friday, August 10, 2012

Ask Your Dad

I have an inquisitive young 6 year old in my home, which in turn makes his brother an inquisitive young 3 year old.
On any given day I am asked a plethora of questions that range from simple to very complex..
and they come at me like I'm the target at a firing range.

Sometimes before I can answer one, I am being asked another more complex question, and another, and another.
Before I know it, I've broken out in a sweat, my palms are clammy, and I seriously worry that my 6 year old has just bested me in a battle of wits.

Earlier in the week, I put the boys in the car and we headed off to the grocery store....Wal-mart to be more precise. (Please let it be known that I would rather take a sharp stick to the eye than take two boys to Wally-world, but sadly, it couldn't be helped.) The drive is about 30 minutes from our home and during that time I was once again bombarded with a series of questions. Here are just a few examples:

Mom, do you think a helicopter could lift a dinosaur?

Does bubble gum melt or burn?

What would happen if a Tiger and a Lion fought? Which one would win?

Do trees melt or burn?

What happens if the cops try to stop someone and they just don't stop the car?

Can helicopters lift all the dinosaur bones in the world?

Does steel melt or burn?

What makes propellers go around?

How does the refrigerator keep our food cold?

Would my shirt melt or burn?

What makes a tornado come out of the sky?

How do you make water?

Can plastic melt or burn? ( If you're like me, you're starting to worry about their obsession with things burning, but Adam tells me it's normal for boys.)

Sometimes, I just can't take it anymore and after the first 30 questions, I ask them to stop asking questions for right now. Then, Ben immediately puts me in my place and informs me that asking questions is how he learns..and then I feel like the worst Mom in the world. Most days I just answer the best I can, and by the time we get wherever we are going, my eyes are glazed over and I feel like I should be expecting my ACT scores in the mail any day....
But, on the occasions they have absolutely stumped me, I resort to my favorite "I have no freaking clue" answer...
It's genius..
Feel free to use it whenever you want..

"Ask your Dad."

Have A Happy Friday!

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