Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Thousand Words

A few weeks ago, two of my good friends asked me to photograph their kids. Their reasoning was that I know how their kids are, so they wouldn't have to be embarrassed or worried about how they were acting...this logic cracked me of course I agreed.
 So we met one evening at a local county park ..
when it was only like 95 degrees...
And proceeded to take some pictures...
Of 5 kids, 2 babies, & 2 Moms...
and I don't think I even felt the urge to go drinking afterwards.
Seriously, they were all great and I came away with some decent shots of the whole extended family. Did I mention they are all cousins? Anyway, it all worked out, and so I will share a few of my favorite shots with you..

This was the absolute first shot of the evening.
And to think we were worried that this little guy wouldn't cooperate!

What a cutie.
This shot just happened, we didn't plan it. Sometimes that is how the best ones happen.

This shot was I will show how I processed it 3 different ways.


I had to have one where I left the was just cool.

Beautiful Mom & Daughter picture.

Moms and Babies are always so cute..I love it that she was talking to him and looking like a Mommy in love.

The main event.. So sweet!

The whole rowdy bunch!

Love them all!
Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Not only are you a business owner, great hair stylist, beautiful daughter, loving sister, wonderful wife, cool mommy, great friend, creative writer, gourmet cook, and adventurer but a very good photographer too! I admire you and your energy. When I grow up I want to be just like you!!!!!

    1. Susie you are soo sweet! Thank you for such kind words, they mean so much! love ya.