Monday, July 30, 2012

To Trim or Not to Trim...That is the question. Beauty Q & A

The other day while I was working at the salon, one of my clients was talking about growing out her hair. As I was trimming away, she made the statement, "Well, at least getting it trimmed will make it grow faster."

By show of hands, how many of you have heard this, and/ or believe it?
...that's what I thought.

Being spurred along by this statement, I have decided to address some of the most common hair misconceptions, over the next few Mondays, that I hear in the salon on just about a daily basis. So, here we go..

Hair grows faster when it is trimmed regularly.

This is completely false. I'm not sure who started this crazy notion, but I would like to strangle them. Okay, that may be a little harsh..maybe shake them a little.

First, let me give you a little biology lesson.
This is a hair follicle..

It is located beneath the surface of the skin and it is responsible for growing every hair on your body. Hair is formed here, then grows out of your skin, through a pore, and down your head (or back as my recent trip to a water park proved to me..yikes).

In no way can doing something to the hair on the outside of your body, like trimming, conditioning, etc., make the follicle on the inside of your body perform it's duty any faster. Hair growth is determined by a lot of things, but I guarantee this... all of it starts inside of your body.

I like to tell my clients that hair is the trash can of your body. Yeah, I know this sounds bad, but it is true. After all of the other necessary functions are performed in your body and all of the necessary nutrients are used up...your hair gets whatever is left.
Using any medications or illegal drugs? will show up in your hair.
Have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? will show up in your hair.
Have a thyroid problem or underlying will show up in your hair.
You wouldn't believe how many thyroid conditions I have helped diagnose over the last 14 years.

So what I am saying is this... if you want to grow hair as fast and as healthy as possible? The first step is to take care of yourself.
 *Exercise, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep. I think this almost goes without saying..your over all health directly relates to everything.
*Take a multivitamin that especially includes vitamin D, vitamin E & folic acid. These vitamins are especially good for skin, hair, & nails and are generally responsible for the reason that people tend to think their hair grows faster in the summer. People tend to get these vitamins in abundance in warmer months without realizing it because of increased sun exposure and readily available fresh fruits and veggies.
*Brush your hair regularly. Brushing the scalp increases blood flow to those follicles which is thought to help give them an extra boost in hair production.
*Get your hair trimmed.
...wait, what?!?!

Yep, I said it..even though I just told you that it has nothing to do with hair growth...and here is why..

Once a hair is split, it will stay that way and continue to keep splitting until you cut it off.

While science is continually getting better at coming up with potions and serums that claim to heal split ends, the truth is that nothing actually willget rid of them except to cut them off. If you forgo getting your hair trimmed while you are growing out, and your ends are split, you are now growing out split, damaged hair that will have no shine, bounce and will look generally like the end of a broom.

What I tell my clients is this..keep getting your hair trimmed, but maybe just not as often. If you normally get your hair trimmed every 4 weeks, push it out to 6 or 8 (this depends on how hard you are on your hair and should be discussed with your stylist) and never take more off than a quarter inch (once again, talk about your individual needs with your stylist). Typically hair grows at about 6 inches a year or a half inch a month, so if you trim a 1/4 inch off every 6 weeks, you're still ahead of the growing game..only healthier.

I hope this helps clear the air with trimming the hair while growing it out. It's necessary, but not a way to grow hair faster.

If you have a hair, nails, skin, or general beauty question and would like it answered, I'm all ears..or..err, eyes I guess. Just email me at and I will try and answer your questions...and you may see it on a post, so if you don't want the world to know who you are, don't let me know either! ;)

Have a great Monday!

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