Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Morning

This morning we were lazy.
We slept in...well, as much as two little energetic munchkins will allow.
We ate breakfast late.
We stayed in our p.j.'s.
We didn't brush our teeth.
Just kidding..we brushed our teeth, I promise.
What I am trying to say is that I had time to contemplate some of the weird things that go on in the morning in our house.
Like why can I get this guy to eat a wonderful breakfast, but my other son will only eat if I beg and plead and threaten?
Does food taste better when you eat it while balanced on your toes?

I asked him and he said yes. I'm thinking that it probably burns more calories..maybe he's on to something.

He loves drinking the milk from the  bowl, though.

Evidently, the dog's food tastes better when she eats it on the rug in the dining room.

Miss Lola takes her dog food and walks it out of the back porch, through the kitchen, and deposits it on  the rug, where she proceeds to eat it one little piece at a time. 
...what a diva.

I think this picture speaks for itself..
He'd rather do this than eat his breakfast.

Lately, I have also been dodging the question of, "Hey Mom, can I take a picture with your camera?" It's asked at least 30 times day.  So, this morning I decided to let them have a go at it.  Here are Ben's first official photographs..
Not too bad considering the weight of the camera and the fact that little boys cannot stand still for longer than .023858774 seconds.  He took the picture of one of his most cherished possessions...the Lego Space Shuttle.

Okay, Chris' turn..
I guess we're in a Lego frame of mind.
Pretty good for a 3 year old. I may have a little photographer on my hands!

Have a Happy Monday!

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