Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The real cost of raising boys.

When you read those articles in magazines or on the Internet that talk about the cost of raising a child from birth to college graduation, I wonder if they take into account all the things that the children destroy over the coarse of their adolescence.

Let's rewind to this morning, when I was checking my email and then calmly walked into the kitchen to start brewing my coffee. All was right with the world, my hubby had just left for work, and my two munchkins were sitting in their chairs, holding their blankets and watching Curious George, trying to wake up enough to eat some breakfast.

Then I heard it. Giggling. Followed by the words, "That is sooo cool!" Followed by more giggling.

When I hear this phrase a sense of dread comes over me for a reason. 10% of the time, it really is something cool and I walk away thinking I am raising little geniuses. The other 90% of the time is the reason for the feeling of dread. It usually means:
a) I am going to have something to clean up.
b) The dog is having a really bad day.
c) Something is getting destroyed, taken apart, or ruined.

If your guess for what was happening this morning was, "c", then you would be correct.

I rounded the corner to see both of the boys placing magnets on the television.

 Now, if you have no idea what happens when you do this, then let me enlighten you. ......It ruins your television.

Yep, our T.V. has the most beautiful shade of purple and green splotches all over it. You can see a little bit from these pictures, but it is a lot worse in real life....

I then yelled for them to freeze and step away from the television. When I made them realize what they had done, my three year old wasn't affected much, but my five year old burst into tears. I then found myself comforting him for ruining our television .....oh, the joys of motherhood.

To be quite honest, I didn't know magnets could ruin a television set, but I also never thought I would need to tell them not to put magnets on the t.v...so there ya go.

This summer has been hard on the whole house. It started with my three year old really getting into his art work...

Followed by the mysterious sticky keyboard situation which resulted in the loss of the space key...

....and now the television.
....and the summer is only half over.
....and I'm thinking I need to up my home owners insurance if we're going to make it to September.

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