Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Hair Needs a Rest

If you know me personally, you probably would never guess what a recluse I am. I know I come across as a socially driven people person sometimes, but I have these days, and sometimes weeks, where I couldn't care less if I see another soul. Call it ennui or a simple "check out" but my goal is to not have to leave the house for any reason what so ever, and I am extremely put out if I do. I would like to not have to get out of my pajamas all day, if it can be arranged, and heaven forbid I would have to go to the grocery store. I use the excuse that my hair needs a "rest" when I don't shower for a couple days, my skin becomes instantly allergic to makeup and the most taxing thing I do is figure out what time the boys and I are going to head to the pool. How sorry do you feel for my husband right now?
It's been one of those weeks and for the last three days, I have succeeded in doing almost nothing except mundane house things like laundry, cooking, cleaning ( as little as possible), and trying to keep my boys from destroying all of things I just listed. Tomorrow is the end of the bumming around. I have to go to work and take responsibility for the business I own and the clients and employees that rely on me, thank goodness. I almost can't stand myself anymore, so I'm happy to have a reason to check back into real life.

So, the reality is that I have no cute pics to really show you of something cool we did this week except the art time I spent with the boys and the water colors they did. It was a lot of fun and the paintings are now proudly displayed in their bedroom. Sorry I don't have anything else to talk about. I guess I could take some pictures of the laundry I've's an impressive pile...or my famous slug impression (no one an do it quite like me)...but maybe I'll save it for another day. 

The tongue always helps..just so you know.

Ben's masterpiece

Chris' masterpiece

Have A Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the art work! I have seen that little tongue stick out many, many times completing seatwork and during deep concentration. I too love jammie days and being a recluse once in a while! Keep those entertaining blogs coming!