Friday, July 27, 2012


Today was bittersweet out at the ranch.
The "ranch" is my Mom's house in case you were wondering.
....and it's not really a ranch. That's just something my Grandma has always called my Mom's house because it's out in the country. I guess you would just have to know my Grandma...and if you did, well alot of things about me would become abundantly clear.

Today a tree was cut down that has stood for what was estimated at least 150 years. It really needed to come down, it was becoming a hazard, but it's just a little sad to me.

I had a tire swing hanging from it for years. Oh, the memories of my sister winding me up in that swing and then letting it spin me until I tossed my cookies.

OK, maybe I'm not so sad now.

No really, it is a little sad because it's a reminder of how nothing stays the same. It was an awesome site though, once they got it on the ground...

The rings inside were amazing and it was HUGE!

My sons are sitting in one of the hollowed out limbs..and now you know why it had to be taken down.

...and yes, that is my son with the purse.
....and don't tell his father I let him carry a purse around.

...and yes, that is my other son frolicking in the field trying to catch butterflies.
...and don't tell his father I let him frolic with butterflies.

...and yes, that is Channing Tatum, who came to cut down the tree, ..shirtless.
...and don't tell their father that Channing Tatum was cutting down the tree.
..oops...I lost my train of thought...Step Up was on the television..I'm sure you understand.

Rest assured that we call the purse a "man bag" and Chris only carries around a wild safari giraffe in it...even if it is cute and cuddly.
..and Ben wasn't "frolicking" so much as he was seeing how many innocent bugs he could torture. ..and now I am taking them home to watch UFC. ...just kidding.

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. Witty, entertaining and so much fun to read! Your humor is contagious! I look forward to each and every one of your blogs!!!!!

  2. That's totally a satchel.....Indiana Jones wore a satchel ya know :)