Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ben & Chris School of Negotiation

Since it's been so unbearably hot outside, I really don't have any fun outdoor stuff to show you. We pretty much swim in the morning and then by the time it reaches 100, we are safely back in our air conditioning. One day last week we had to break up the monotony of the hot weather, so my Mother and I lost our marbles and took the boys shopping with us. 
It must have been the heat.
Nana was taken to the Ben and Chris School of Negotiation. And let me tell you, I think Donald Trump could learn something from these guys. She told them they could pick one toy a piece. Look how serious she was with her finger ...showing that she meant only one..
There was a lot of back and forth after that...with a lot of me laughing..and a lot of Nana trying not to laugh and telling me to stop taking pictures. 
I told her I was documenting this so the next time we get delirious and decided to take the boys shopping, we can get the pictures out and change our minds.
Chris was the champion of the day. He somehow walked away with two toys and a pack of jellybeans and we still don't really know how.

But we do know one thing.....
We sure LOVE Nana!

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