I spend a lot of time reading children's books,.... and I mean a lot of time. I also spend a lot of time trying to find great children's books to read to my kids and this is not always easy to do. Last Christmas, my best friend brought two books to my boys as gifts and told me how wonderful they were, and she was absolutely right. So, in order to help all Mom's, or Granny's, or Babysitter's,
or Dad's, or ..you get my point...I am reviewing the books today and hopefully you add these books to your collection soon.
My kids love these two books...

They are the favorites in our bedtime arsenal, and not just their favorites, but mine also. 


A Sick Day for Amos McGee is written by Philip C. Stead and beautifully illustrated by Erin E Stead. It is also a winner of The Caldecott Medal and here is why..

This book teaches about the value of friendship. It really grabs the kids attention because Amos works at the Zoo and has a lot of animal friends, so when poor Amos has a sick day, his friends really reach out to help him.

Just look at the pencil sketch drawings that makes this book come to life..gorgeous.
This is a must read for every child..and every parent.
I love books with valuable life lessons that are also fun to read!
...now if I can just find a great book on How To Give Mom a Foot Rub..hmm.
The second book is Press Here. Written by Herve' Tullet, it was first published in French and in 2010 translated to English.

It's an interactive book that really grabs the kids' imagination. With every page, the kids are told to do something, like push the blue dot, or blow the black stuff off the page, or clap their hands.... and when they turn the page, a reaction occurs. The first time I read it to the boys, I found myself excited to see what was going to happen when we turned the page.

Bonus: it's a sneaky way to teach them color recognition because they have to push the red, or blue, or yellow dot, and it's great for counting..they have to clap once or twice, so we count out loud together.

The best thing: It's simple.
 No batteries.
 No buttons.
 No noise.
 I find that in an age where everything has to "do" something to be fun, it's refreshing to have a book that is so simple, yet entertaining.

I hope you find these books as wonderful as we do and if you have a little munchkin or grand-munchkin, they are a great gift idea.
...and thanks Sarah for the wonderful books, we've sooo enjoyed them!!