Saturday, June 9, 2012

I just thought you should know...

What we're doing today...
and why...
We finally finished up Vacation Bible School and we are exhausted. 
In fact, my eyes are trying to close as we speak    ...or read?   ..or   ..never mind.
In the picture above is my class of little darlings. 
I call the boys on each end "the enforcers". 
They really weren't bad, I just think they really didn't want their picture taken.  Too bad no one informed them that I don't listen to picture protests.

We had a lot of fun as you can probably tell, and now I'm paying for it.

Did I mention I need a nap?..............I just thought you should know.

The bane of my existence is...
It's everywhere.  In my house that is.  My sons' have an unhealthy obsession with anything related to fishing.  They can spend hours looking through the bait aisles at Big R or Walmart.  Unfortunately, I don't like to do this, so it's been somewhat of a problem for us. The worst part is that I find the stuff stuck to my bathroom counter, laying on my dining room table, (as in this picture) stuck to a cabinet, or on the bottom of my foot. The new rule is that if I find bait in a place no bait should go, it will get thrown away.  This has caused mass hysteria and an extremely fast round up of any stray bait. 
All wiggly, slimy, fake worms have to's a mental health thing.
........I just thought you should know.

A Dollop of Daisies..

These are the beautiful Daisies growing at my salon right now...aren't they gorgeous?
I had to share them with you.  They are going wild!
They make me smile when I come to work    ...........I just thought you should know.

And finally...
I will probably have to get a new computer.  Someone has spilled something sticky on my keyboard, which has made my space bar go on hiatus.  My hubby grilled the boys about it.  Ben denied it.  Chris confessed.    ..but Christopher would confess to shooting JFK, so I think it was a confession made under duress and would probably be thrown out in a court of law. Either way, the damage has been done.  I view buying a new computer like buying a new car, unless you have to, it's more trouble than it's worth.  Wish me luck.....                    ........I just thought you should know.

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