Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have You Ever Went Fishing With Two Little Boys?

Have you ever went fishing with two little boys?

They smile and laugh and take in small joys.

Like catching a Bluegill, or two, three or four.

They often lose their bait, and hollar, "Hurry, I need more!"

They also get distracted and often miss a bite,
But when they finally get one, they're so easy to excite.

We tried to trick 'em into giving a poor fish a kiss
And Papaw even showed them how, he said, "Here do it like this.."

But they wouldn't be tricked, they just cried "ewww" and "yuk",
and went right back to fishing, and trying their luck.

The goal for the day was to catch a big bass,
But they ended up waiting and sitting in grass.

I'm kind of glad they didn't catch one, I don't think they're ready yet.
I knew if they hooked one, someone would definitely get wet.
That someone, no doubt, would probably be me.
Cause with one big tug into the water, both boy and pole would flee.

So, the count for the day was nothing but Bluegill,
and one little snapping turtle, gave them a big thrill.

Maybe next week, they'll get their elusive fish,
and finally be granted that one great big wish.


  1. C-U-T-E!!!!!!! The little turtle is adorable. Ben and Chris are so photogenic and Mommy is very talented!