Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Memories

Today in honor of all my father figures, I am...well,... honoring all my father figures.
I consider myself lucky to have 3 men in my life that have held a major role in the "father" department. 

First up is my Dad..

He's one of the most talented people I know.  As a child, I remember him always drawing or painting for someone or something and now he does this for a living and really enjoys it.
One of the best memories I have:
My Dad and I were on a bike ride and I found a little toad by the road.  I wanted to keep him, but we had no where to put him to take him home, so Dad took his hat off and put the toad on his head and then put his hat back on.  We got the little toad all the way home safe.  I can't remember how long I had that toad now.  I'm positive it wasn't very long if my Mom had anything to say about it, but the memory of my Dad trying to get that little toad home always warms my heart.
We also rescued a turtle from the middle of the road one day and I took him home.  The next day, I lost the turtle in the house and couldn't find him for several hours.  My Mom was not pleased about that.  The turtle "ran away" one day while I was gone.  ...and now that I think about it...that doesn't seem right. seems Dad and I had some weird wildlife bond too..hmmm.
These memories always make me smile.  Love ya Dad!

Next is my Grandpa..

This picture was taken at his 80th birthday party a few years ago now.  My Grandpa and I have always had a special bond because we almost share a birthday, mine is the day before his, and so we have always shared a birthday party, too.  Some kids may not think that was fair, but I always loved it.
When I think of my Grandpa I think of someone who is gentle and kind with a humorous gleam in his eye. 
One of my best memories:
My Grandpa would always go with us "girls" to the mall.  It would be my Mom, Grandma, Sister and I in the car and Grandpa would drive. 
He was the "bag" man on most trips and would sit in the middle of the mall and hold the bags while we went in and out of stores. 
One day while the rest of the girls were in a store that I wasn't interested in, or they were just taking a  long time, I went and sat in the middle with Grandpa.  After a few minutes of silence, I asked him was he did out there while he waited on us and he said,"I look at people's shoes."  I started laughing and asked him why on earth he would do this and he replied," You would be surprised what you can learn about people by looking at their shoes."  I started doing the same thing and checking out all the passers-by, and found he was right was very interesting...and what a great memory.
Now, don't get me wrong, he wasn't talking about "brand name" or expensive shoes, he was talking about how they take care of their shoes, or what they have picked out to wear that day.  ...and it's would be very surprised what you can learn about people.  To this day I think of that often, and especially when I am getting ready to go somewhere, you never know when someone is checking out your feet. 
So, I blame Grandpa whenever my Hubby wonders why I need a new pair of shoes.  I have a fetish for great shoes and it has to be his fault, right?       ...thanks Grandpa!  I love you!.

and finally, my step-father, Randy..

aka:  "Papaw" to my boys.
He's the man with the fishing poles, so he's extremely popular in my house.  (I was going to write that he's the man with worms, but that just didn't sound right.) 
We share a quirky sense of humor and a love for the same comedic movies that make my Mom role her eyes at us. ...often.
One of the best memories:
I was 12 months pregnant with my oldest son and ready to pop at any given moment.  One hot August day, I felt terrible all day and started having pains, everyone was on stand-by because we were all pretty sure it was time.  My contractions weren't very strong, so I decided to go for a walk (or something that resembled walking) around the block with my Hubby to try and use gravity to my advantage
As we were coming back up the drive way, my Mom and Randy had pulled up while we were gone, and he was video taping me waddling my way back to the house.  I proceeded to tell him that they were going to wonder how that video camera got "where the sun don't shine"  in the ER later.  (edited for language).
  He video taped pretty much everything except the "main event" and it cracked me up.  I think at that point he was more excited than I was.  It was adorable really..maybe not at the time...but now it warms my heart.
He now has two little boys that pretty much worship him,follow him everywhere, and do everything he does, so I think he was just really excited about getting his first new playmate that day.  It's a great memory.
Love ya Randy!

And of coarse....... you didn't think I would forget, did you?

To the most wonderful Husband and Father in the whole world...Happy Father's Day!! I love you!

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