Monday, May 21, 2012

Me & My Camera...

I did a favor for my husband's Aunt this weekend. 
I took pictures of her daughter's big dance and they turned out pretty good I think.
I am in no way a professional photographer, nor do I want to become one, but I love to take pictures and I have picked it up as a sideline hobby after starting this blog. It was a lot of fun and I got paid in babysitting, so that is awesome! Now I'm just sitting around and thinking of stuff I can go do so I can use up my babysitting credits.
I will now share with you a few of the results of my efforts.  If you are a friend of mine on facebook, then some of these pictures may be a repeat, so bare with me.

This little darling was born my senior year of high school.  After this, I went home and slathered on an extra layer of wrinkle cream.
It's pretty easy when you have beautiful subjects to shoot!
This group definitely says "High School, here we come."

We had to do some family shots too..
...what a beautiful family.
Three generations of beautiful ladies.

I was a triple threat Saturday.
I did the hair.
I took the photos.
I was the adoring cousin.
So you can imagine how tired I was, but I still loved the way the hair styles turned out..

And last but not least, we seal it all with a kiss for Grandpa..

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  1. I love the hair Val! Great job! It looks wonderful and so do the pictures!