Monday, May 7, 2012

Hair Show

I've decided that I am the anti-hair stylist - hair stylist.  I don't have any piercings, tattoos, crazy colors in my hair, or a weird haircut...and after this weekend, I've seen enough of all of the above for the rest of my life. (btw: I have nothing against body's a free country) This weekend my co-workers and I attended the Discover Show in St. Louis, aka - a hair show, and I always come away from these events thinking that 90 % of the people that work in my industry are out of their minds....but I still love it.
(The pictures in this post aren't the best..I couldn't carry my big dsl around with me.)

There is a sequence of events you follow when attending a hair show and they go like this:
Drive down the day before
Go out and party (I usually skip this)
Sleep (if you can)
Wake Up (begrudgingly)
Attend Hair Show
Become Exhausted Beyond Belief
Kill Your Shoulders, Back and Feet with walking and carrying packages
Find your car
Drive home.

After our 3 hour drive on Saturday, we ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (yum!), got our cheesecakes to go and walked around the mall in an effort to thwart the calories we just consumed.  We headed to our hotel, checked-in, harassed the poor guy behind the counter a little bit after he referred to Stephanie and Kenzie as Steve and Kenny (their new official nicknames), went up stairs, ate our cheesecakes and then sat around moaning.
At this point, I normally would have put on my p.j.'s, read my kindle, and then slowly drifted off into sweet oblivion. .......That doesn't happen when you have three "twenty-somethings" with you and two of them now refer to themselves as Steve and Kenny.
So we buttoned our pants and headed down to what is referred to as "The Landing" in St. Louis.  This is the party spot downtown and I have to admit, a lot of fun.  I am not a partier, never have been really, and I barely drink..mostly an occasional glass of I went as more an observer of people..and I got an eyeful! We laughed so much, my guts hurt and we met this lady..

She is an award winning balloon artist and she walks around and makes balloon characters for people as advertisement for her business...except, on a Saturday night in the clubs, she doesn't make characters, she makes body parts...and not legs and elbows if you get my drift. She was hilarious so of course we had to have a picture of her...and if you want a naughty balloon hat..she's your gal.
Our evening soon came to and end and we headed back to our pillows...thank goodness.
Soon, we were awake, dressed and out the door to the show..
A hair show is like 10 rock concerts going on simultaneously. If you can imagine a huge arena, and in every corner there is one of these going on..

It's loud, it's crazy, and it's a lot of fun.
In between the stage events are all kinds of booths with products...lots and lots of products.
Multiply this picture by a million and you might get an idea of how much hair, beauty, tanning, and nail products there are here.
There are some really weird things going on also..
Here is a brave woman getting an eyebrow wax, in an arena, with 10,000 people walking around...I would be uncomfortable to say the least.  Around the corner, there were ladies getting up in bikini's to be spray tanned  ...on a stage...with 10,000 people walking around.... I'll spare you any pictures.
Here is a new creepy gadget that smokes. 
Actually it is a steamer for your hair, and they say it is super healthy...but I think I'll pass.
Here is a tiger.  I am not sure why.  This booth sells tanning lotions and I have yet to figure out what this tiger had to do with tanning lotions, but it was cool and I couldn't convince any one that was with me to get on it  and pose for the poopers
And now what my 8 year old self was sooo excited to see..

Rainbow Brite!!   Just kidding, this was a nice young lady that let me take a picture of her ubber- bright hair to show you just a smidgen of some of the wild and crazy hair that was parading around this hair show.  We saw mohawks, mullets, hair shaped like bows, every color under the rainbow and soo much more.  It's wild, but oh so fun. 
I don't like to sneak pictures of people, so this is the only one I took, and I took it because it was unbelievable how bright this girl got her hair..amazing.
Soon, we were tired and broke, so we left, but we had a picture taken just outside the convention center.  Lacy and I look a little was really bright after being inside all day.
L to R : Stephanie (Steve), Lacy, Moi & Kenzie (Kenny)
We had a great time and now I need to recover.

The icing on the we were leaving I snapped a picture of my beautiful Busch Stadium. 
It looks a little lonely because my boys were in Texas playing the Astros..Go Cards!!

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