Thursday, May 31, 2012

George the Giraffe

Here is how I feel this week..
Actually this is a Kindergartner that was at the Kindergarten picnic.... and I am pretty sure he stands on his head about 8 times a day.  But the cool part is that all the kids surround him on the playground and count to 100....and he stays like that...the WHOLE time.  I am thinking that with a little work I could take him to America's Got Talent....but I digress...

The reason I feel like I have been standing on my head is because my schedule has been a little hectic this week to say the least.  Next week is the big week of Vacation Bible School, so I've been a busy little bee trying to tie up some loose ends.  Someone along the way thought I would know a little bit about Kindergartners and First Graders so I have been selected to teach that class. 
One of my "loose ends" was to come up with some decorations for the classroom. The theme for our VBS is "Walking on Safari with Jesus" and so our class was dubbed the "Giraffes".  I looked for a poster or something to put in my room with a Giraffe theme, but unfortunately with time constraints I wasn't able to make that happen, so I had to improvise.
I found a free Giraffe coloring page on the Internet and free hand sketched it onto a piece of foam board.. no attention to the little itty bitty pair of undies at the top of this pic...hey, I'm a Mom..I can fold laundry and draw Giraffes simultaneously.
Anyhoo...I then traced over the pencil with a permanent marker..
and yes, I can draw, fold laundry and look at my ipad.

Then I colored it all in and voila'..We have George the Giraffe.
Ben tells me that his name can't be George because "George is a monkey, Mom!"  So, I guess I am going to have to rename him.   ....but I think he's a keeper!

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