Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Big Green T-Ball Machine

I want to know who the first guy was that invented the concept of t-ball. 
No, really. 
I can just imagine the conversation he had with his buddies when he was explaining how it would work.
It probably went something like this....

"Hey guys, I've got a great idea. Let's take a bunch of 5 year olds, maybe some 4 year olds, put them in some cute baseball hats and shirts, give them a bat and let them swing at a few balls.  When they finally hit one, they can throw the bat and hit the coach and run like a maniac...albeit, maybe in the wrong direction...for their base.  In the meantime, the outfielders can become crazy deranged maniacs that tackle each other in an effort to get the ball and come up the "winner"...and the best part, there may be biting involved.  We won't even keep score. Yeah, I know someone may get mangled in the process...maybe an innocent bystander or two....and some kids will be picking dandelions in the outfield, but it will be the most hilarious thing you'll ever see.  What do you guys think?"

...evidently they all agreed because we have officially started t-ball season at our house. 
If you think I am exaggerating about any of the above "imaginary" conversation, you are sorely mistaken.  T-balls games are one of the funniest things you'll ever see, and the best part is....they're free.
Here is the big green t-ball machine...

My son's team, also known as Georgetown Township is ready and waiting for their first game of the season.  The cute guy looking at the camera and smiling is my son.  His Mama trained him well.
Here he is, awaiting the first batter.  He means business.
Here is the coach trying to organize a group of five year olds into covering the outfield.  As we say in my family, "it's like herding cats."
My little slugger getting ready to bat.
...................receiving some last minute pointers from the coach.
I have to admit I'm a pretty proud Mama.  My little guy hit from the pitcher without using the "t" and he hit it to the fence both times up to bat.  Way to go!

Then it was time for a break...
Too bad this was in the middle of the game...I had to yell and tell him to get up so he didn't get trampled.  I guess it's hard work playing t-ball.
I think I caught the 2.7 seconds that everyone on the team was all paying attention and ready for the ball...amazing.

The rest of the evening, we were either laughing hysterically or wondering who would bleed first.
If you've never been to a t-ball game, you should try to go and watch one sometime, I highly recommend it....there's nothing else like it.


  1. You are right on about T ball, it is awesome. I used to go and watch even when my kids were done, it is the cutest thing I ever saw. Keep up with the great stories and pictures.

    1. It is really fun to watch, so I understand. Thanks for reading!

  2. I think the man conversation went "Let's have our 5 year olds play baseball. Why wouldn't that work?" Clueless....:)


    1. I knew my Sis would read through the lines :)