Friday, May 11, 2012

Amish Auction

I think we all understand how ritualistic I am by now...
I have to do certain things....annually... to commemorate every season. 
It's just the way I'm wired.
Or weird.
Or both.

The beginning of my planting season always starts with a trip to the Amish Produce Auction. 
I love everything about it. 
I love the rows and rows of flowers lined up awaiting the highest bidder.
I love the sound of the auctioneer "singing" out the bids.
I love watching all the cute little Amish kids running around.
I love thinking about how cute my kids would look dressed up like Amish kids.
I love the horses and wagons lined up along the fence row.
But most importantly, I love getting a good bargain!

Here is the inside of the auction's rows and rows of glorious flowers.
When they run out of room inside, they start lining them up on the gravel.

I want you to know, I have the uncanny ability to pick the one thing that everyone else wants to bid on too.  I look at it as a gift ....or a super hero ability.

Chris found a friend while he waited on me..
His name is Henry......I think Henry was more interested in the ipad. 

I love seeing a horse and carriage.
This horse was so sweet..
I almost couldn't get a picture of him because he wanted me to pet him, so he kept nudging me. I snapped the pic and then gave him proper attention.

But the best moment of the day...

Chris found the love of his life.  A "Chris size" pony was the highlight of the day.  If  the boy could have found a way to sneak him into my SUV, I would be the proud owner of a pony right now.  Good thing he didn't fit.


  1. Looks like you and Chris (and Henry!) had a fun day together. I love your adventures! You can use Larry's truck to go get the "Chris size" pony. The pony can stay at your Mom's house with the three camels she keeps for Ben! LOL!

    1. I'll tell Mom to be expecting a delivery soon!...I'm sure she'll be thrilled :)