Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End..

Recently the school year came to an end, which means my Kindergartner is now officially a First Grader and I am officially on the hunt for a time machine with a button marked "slow down".  I am not exactly sure why I found the end of Kindergarten more emotional than the beginning, but I realized  I had a problem when I teared up while reading the last school newsletter....I can't help it, I'm a cryer.
I do know that one of the reasons it was so hard to say goodbye is this woman...

Mrs. Glascott & Ben

She is one of the most wonderful Teachers that you will ever get the privilege of knowing and we found ourselves so fortunate that our family got that chance.  She not only teaches the fundamentals of Kindergarten, but strives to teach the kids to love and care for their fellow classmates and everyone in general.
Her class does a special project called "The Kool Kindergarten Kindness Club" in which she takes it upon herself to send out cards to anyone that may need it. Birthdays, Births, Get Well, Thank yous, etc. are all included.  The cards are passed around the class and each child signs his/her name and is told who the card will go to and why.  This instills in the children, at this young age, to remember that everyone likes and needs to know that someone is thinking of them.
I have always said that if I do nothing else as a Mother, I want to raise my boys to have empathy, love, and kindness for people.  So, for me, to have these points taught not only at home, but at school too, was a wonderful delight.

One of her favorite books to read is "Puff, the Magic Dragon".  If you're not familiar with the book, or just can't remember because it's been a while....
"Puff" is basically about a boy growing up.  He visits his imaginary friend and eventually he gets too old and grows up and then "Puff" finds a new friend at the end.  It actually brings tears to my eyes on a good day, so you can imagine what happened to me when the class all sat around in a circle and sang along with the book on the last day of school. 
Luckily, I caught most of it with my phone before it died and it was definitely a tear jerker...

Sorry my phone cut it off right before the end, but it was still great to watch.  If you're like me, you'll need a tissue, so go ahead and get one, I'll wait...

I feel that there is so much negative light shined on our schools and our teachers that I wanted to put something positive out there....more than positive...fantastic should be the word. 
I know a lot of teachers, and I see how hard they work and get very little credit for it, so if you see a teacher today, let them know how much you appreciate them.
I can't begin to tell you all how grateful I am that my son got to have such a wonderful experience as his first year in school.  I also can't begin to express what a wonderful teacher and friend Mrs. Glascott is and has become to our family.  I hope each and everyone one of you that has a child, grandchild, or maybe plans to have a munchkin one day, will get to have the same experience.
And one more thing..

We love you Mrs. Glascott!!
Thank you!


  1. Oh Valerie.....you made me cry!! Thanks so very much for the beautiful & kind tribute. I love my job so much and this year was really special. My students were well behaved and the parents terrific. I applaud you and Adam as parents with your dedication,love and experiences you provide "Buddy Ben" and Chris. I'm going to miss "Buddy Ben" and his constant questions about the speed of light, astromony, geography, fractions and "Why did Curious George come to America on a boat if he gets seasick? Why didn't he just ride in an airplane?" Thanks again! I love you and your fabulous family! Simply Susie

  2. I teared up at that precious little video. There is nothing quite as special as sweet little singing voices.
    Yes, Mrs. Glascott is indeed an angel and a very special teacher. I am so glad that Ben got to experience all the wonderful things that she offers to her kindergarten classes each year.

  3. Oh my goodness. That was wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Val!

  4. Puff The Magic Dragon! My favorite kid book. I remember reading this to Jamie and as she got older she read it to me. It is still one of my favorite songs! And it does bring tears to my eyes. The video is priceless. Ben and that smile! How do you say no?

  5. Computers!!! Wasn't trying to be mysterious. I hit anonymous by mistake. Look forward to the next blog!

    1. lol..no problem. I can say "no" so fast, it'll make your head swim...much to Ben's dismay :) Thanks so much for reading!

  6. This is wonderful! I teared up as well, which I am sure is not a huge surprise. But, I just wanted to say that I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding teaching children to think of others and that "everyone needs to know that someone likes and is thinking of them." Mrs. Glascott and the "Kool Kindergarten" made a beautiful shutter adorned with buttons for my mom when my Dad passed, and it hangs in my mom's little living room area above her television. She loved it and I know that every time that I see it, I remember where it came from and how much it means to me that someone thought of my mom and us when we were having a hard time. I will never forget where that shutter came from, and I know that each of those sweet little kids put their button on that shutter to let my mom know that they were thinking of her. What a wonderful thing to teach children, and I am so glad that it brought a smile to all of our faces. Though I do not have a kiddo in this kindergarten class, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Glascott for teaching such an important lesson and for thinking of us when we were going through a difficult time! And, thank you Val for posting this! I know that kids grow up way too quickly as I am seeing it already with my 18 month old. Great post!

    1. Thanks Michelle! ..I didn't know about the shutter, that is great to know, Ben didn't tell me about it....How wonderful :)

  7. Teachers are under paid and under appreciated. As an outsider looking in, I would say that Mrs. Glascott represents a life well lived!