Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We're Back!

We made it back to Illinois yesterday after 7 fun filled days in the Florida sun. But before we left, we went to Juno beach on Saturday and had a wonderful time....
ahhh...the pier, and the waves, and the doesn't get much better.

My boys made a bee line for the water.

The waves were a little strong, but Ben loved it.  He kung-fu fought them all afternoon.

Those cats were fast as lightning. (You can thank me for the song in your head later.)
They played in the sand, as only little boys can..
Ben is still finding sand in places that sand should never be found.

The last day was spent making like a slug around the pool and having my Dad bring me drinks.  I'll spare you pictures. But  I will share with you my last meal...It was called Crack Mac.  
Macaroni and Cheese smothered with crab and shrimp and more cheese.  It was heaven. I could almost lick the screen just looking at this picture..but I won't...cause that would be weird, right?

Then we were off.....back to Illinois we go.
Combos, Licorice, and The Muppets got us back home with no issues.

When I pulled into my drive, I was so shocked by how much everything has bloomed.  My ornamental grasses had popped up, my Japanese Maple trees had sprung open, and my Phlox was in full bloom.  It's beautiful..
I love my striped tulips too..
What a great way to be welcomed home.

One last thing..
My Mother's birthday is today...and it's a big one.  So,  Happy Birthday to my Momma! She found this when she went outside this morning..
and this..
and this..
and why stop now...
oh, and one more..

I'm sure you've guessed that she was thrilled....but I laughed hysterically.


  1. Loved the pictures of the boys and the beach.....oh and the IL flowers, so pretty. And I really enjoyed your birthday wishes to your Momma. Nice job on all! Welcome home.

  2. I can't take the credit for the signs. They were a group effort by friends...I just got to enjoy the aftermath! Thanks!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. I got the BIGGEST hug from Ben when he walked in the classroom this morning. It made my day! :)

  4. Thanks Susie..Ben couldn't wait to get back to you!