Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Grand Canyon

My hubby surprised me...and that rarely happens.  Mostly because I hate surprises.  It's true, ask anyone.  True control freaks, like myself, absolutely break into hives at the thought of being surprised, but I have to admit, this was a good one. 
I knew we had planned to go on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon during our trip to Vegas, but what I didn't know was that this was picking me up...
I have to admit, that is a pretty awesome surprise, but it's not over yet...what I didn't understand was that we were actually flying to the Grand Canyon. I thought we would ride a bus to the Grand Canyon and then get in a helicopter and ride around for a few minutes.  But that wasn't the case.  This limo took me to the airport where this guy was waiting for us...
Then, before I knew it, I was leaving Las Vegas...
We flew over The Hoover Dam.  I did the tour a few years ago, but it's still a impressive sight.
Here's my Hubby, knowing he did alright!
And here is our first look at the north rim of the Grand can see the Colorado River leaving the canyon and making a turn..heading for Lake Meade.
We landed at the bottom of the canyon and got to walk around and just breathe it all in..
This doesn't even do it was surreal.
This is the steepest part of the canyon..the walls stretch straight up at least a half a mile.
And just to prove I was really there..
The pilot told us that this was the best time of year to see the canyon because everything was in bloom..and he was right...

We capped off our trip with a Champagne lunch with a few friends that also took the trip.

Here is Jon and Barbara, they are from Holland and were on their honeymoon..
This is Gilles and Chantal, they are from France.
And here is our pilot Matt..everyone was so nice, we had a great time.
We left after our picnic and headed back to Vegas.  Unfortunately, I was indisposed and could not take any pics.  The rain was coming in over the mountains in the west and it caused big wind gusts which in turn made our ride back a little unpleasant.  I was pretty much sitting with my eyes closed praying to God I didn't toss my cookies in the helicopter...that would have been awkward.
Even with the "NASA training" return flight, it was something that I am so glad I got the chance to do with the man I love. What an unforgettable experience! I love you Adam.


  1. Very N-I-C-E and what a romantic surprise! Your pictures are beautiful. The Winlands are a very special couple!

  2. I think the Engineer minored in romance. Way to go Adam!!!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures !