Sunday, April 22, 2012

Curious George

This week has been a whirlwind and I'm not exactly sure why, but there were some great highlights.  If you know me the highlights to any week are usually about food, and this is no exception.  On Wednesday my son's school invited me to attend a luncheon for anyone who has volunteered throughout the year.  The teachers all carried in a covered dish and some of the retired teachers helped set it all up.  It was a wonderful experience!
The tables all had pretty flowers, they made it look so nice.  Above is a picture of Kathy, she is retired now, but I will let you know that she was my 3rd grade teacher!  I loved having her as a teacher and now I love even more having her as a friend. She's a great person!
The teachers set out a huge buffet of goodies and I had a hard time dividing up the valuable real estate on my plate, but I made the most of it!

Notice I took a closer picture of the most important part...the desserts.

On Friday we had an unexpected house guest, but I decided to let him stay for the weekend as long as their was no monkey business going on...

Yep, Curious George got to spend the weekend with the Winlands!  Ben's Kindergarten class is doing a unit on good old George and all the kids get a turn at taking him home to see what mischief he can get into.
 Ben was the lucky one who got him on Friday, so that meant he spent the weekend....and boy did George have a fun time!  As you can see above, he went shopping for bananas.  It got a little crazy when George escaped us once, but luckily we found him in the ice cream freezer..I think he was searching for banana ice cream. We told him that if he stayed in the cart for the rest of the shopping trip, we would stop and get him some ice cream on the way home, luckily he agreed..

He was looking a little shaggy so he got a little trim Saturday morning..

                                                                               ....George said to send the bill to Mrs. Glascott.

Saturday afternoon was such a nice day that we had to let George play on the trampoline and the play set..

George loves the slide!!
Sunday morning George got to attend church with us...Ben was amazed because George knew all the words to Jesus Loves Me..
All the kids loved having him join our class!
All in all I think George had a great time with us, we will sure miss him!

One more thing....

Have you ever seen a chocolate vampire?...

Now you can tell your friends that you have.  You're welcome.

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  1. Thanks so much for letting CG spend the weekend! Sounds like he had a FABULOUS time. I love the picture of Ben pushing the shopping cart! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! You just never know what George is going to do next and I can't wait until tomorrow to see what our little friend thinks of!