Saturday, March 24, 2012

Win This Purse..

So, I guess maybe you've noticed I've reached the 2000 hit mark this week?...No?  Well I did!! 2028 as of this moment to be exact.  And in honor of this event, and because I love ya, I am giving away this purse...
It's green.
It's polka-dot.
It's got bling.
What more could a girl want.
To enter is simple.  In the comment section of this post, type your favorite post so far from Saints and Scissors.  It could be Peanut Day or The Blue Chair...whatever it is, just type it into the comment section and post it.  This will automatically put your name in the drawing.  Please, only one entry per person! If you're a guy - enter for your sweetie, or your daughter... or yourself..who am I to judge.  The winner will be announced on Sunday night in my next blog, so hurry!
If you are unsure on how to post a comment, just go down to the bottom of this post and click on comment, then type in what you want to say, and choose name/URL  for the "comment as" part(unless you have a google account and you want to use that.)  Just leave the URL blank and click publish. 
Good Luck Everyone and Thanks for Reading!!


  1. The blue chair. So creative, funny story and so valerie!

  2. Valerie,

    I enjoy all your posts but I would have to say I really enjoyed the blue chair. I can relate, lol

  3. I liked It's Getting Hot in here! I loved the pics of Ben and Chris!

  4. I liked The Blue Chair

  5. Definitely the Blue Chair! Sounds like something I would do!

  6. The Blue Chair......because I love Adam's comment :-)

  7. Loved The Blue Chair one!!!!!

  8. I would have to say the Hobby Lobby Coma!! I can relate to that one!!

  9. The blue chair...or maybe ankylosaurus. Hard to pick just one!

  10. Maple Syrup Day is my favorite! It was cute and funny and I loved the pictures. It brought back alot of memories and reminded me of my grandparents. Love it!