Friday, March 2, 2012

Lucky for them....

I always say that everyone has to be good at something. So how lucky am I that I found something that I am really good at and thoroughly enjoy?...And that would be totally annoying people with my new camera. (Notice I did not say that I am good at taking pictures.) Since I received it on Wednesday, I have had the pleasure of annoying all my friends, family and co-workers with my constant picture taking. 

Did you realize that their are actually people out there that don't want to have their picture taken?  As a self proclaimed "ham" I never knew this existed.  Who knew? Well lucky for them, I don't listen very well, and I still snap away.....I know one day they'll thank me..maybe.

Nevermind their reluctance, I have been having a great time and so now I will share with you some of my better pics over the last couple days...
 When I first took my camera out of the is who immediately got in front of mid chew...he takes after his Mom that way.

 Here is Ben telling me about his day at school, obviously it was something very serious.

 Chris and I were in the car waiting for Ben at piano lessons and I was messing with the zoom....I had to zoom in on those sweet cheeks.

 Of course I took my camera to work...Here is Lacy working away

She really loved it when I was taking these pictures just over her shoulder.

Here is Kenzie....poor Kenzie is just too hideous for me to actually take a picture of, so I made her turn away.  Just Kidding!!  Actually she is one of the sweetest and prettiest people I know, but she's one of those weird people that doesn't like to have her picture taken, so I took a picture of the back of her head just to tick her worked pretty well.  She threatend to hide my camera. ...Cute hair though, huh?

And here is a pic I will always cherish...  This is Ms. Florence Milholland.  She is 100 yrs old and 25 days. She used to babysit me when I was little and attended my church.  She comes in every Thursday afternoon to get her hair done.  What a beautiful picture of a beautiful person.