Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jurassic Park

The last couple days in Florida have been a whirl wind of fun, sun and of course, eating.  At this point I think I will need to run home to make up the calories. Although I haven't been completely stagnant...

My Step-Mother and I have played tennis a couple times.
We also took a trip to my boys' favorite place..Lion Country Safari..or as I like to call it..Jurassic Park

Kind of creepy isn't it?..We just need Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in the car and the experience would be complete.  Even though it isn't Jurassic Park, it's still pretty cool..a full on African Safari experience..
We wondered why this guy was in such a hurry...and then I realized he was late for his spa treatment..

There's nothing like a good mud bath.
If only I could wear stripes this well.
We headed in to see the lions, and...well they kind of make you rethink it for a minute..
But they were just napping....and it made me wish I was a lion. Naps in the sun...enough said.

This sign would be awesome in my yard...

You bet they do..
Here is one of the many Chimpanzees
And here is a Gibbon just hanging out..
I wanted to keep him, but then I realized I already had two monkeys of my own..
And finally the Giraffes..

And then we finally get to go inside the amusement part of the park, thank goodness.

We rode some rides..
and more rides..
and more rides..

The Giraffes looked like they needed a snack.
Then we were off to the sprinklers..
Here is what Ben did..
Here is what Chris did..
He's more an observer of human nature.

We're going off the rails on the crazy train.

You know I'm gonna share what I have been eating..
May I introduce you to the best garlic bread ever..

It will keep vampires away...and possibly everyone you come in contact with for the next few days..but it's soo worth it!
Can I just say Buca Di Bepo is awesome, and even though it's a chain, I don't get much opportunity to eat there in East Central it was a must do..
Here is my Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Carbonara, and Penne San Remo
And this is what good Italian food makes you feel like..
It's Amore.
Gotta go...I'm off to the beach.  Have a great day!

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