Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Florida Day 1

We made it to Florida yesterday all in one piece and I didn't even leave a kid at the airport... I seriously have nightmares about stuff like that....
My Father and Step-Mother met us at the airport and off we went for a week of fun and sun. Here are the three hams in the back seat..
First stop...Banana Boat at Boynton Beach.  As soon as I get off the plane I immediately have to have my blood infused with's a rule that must always be obeyed.  So we sat on the patio at a neat restaurant called Banana Boat and I watched these guys while I ate..
And these guys...

And the dueling artists..
While we were waiting for our food we all learned some fun banana facts:
- The biggest Banana Split was 4.55 miles long
- The average American eats 33 pounds of bananas a year, that's 112 per person
- There are more than 500 varieties of bananas in the world.
- If Children have a hard time falling asleep, give them a banana, it is a natural sleep enhancer.
- The Banana Plant can grow 20 feet tall
- Mosquitoes prefer to bite someone that has just eaten a banana
- In India, a man once ate 81 bananas in a half hour
- If you laid all the bananas grown each year end to end they would go around the world more than 200 times
- Bananas are botanically classified as a berry

It is amazing what you can learn from a kids menu. And now for my glorious dinner..

Crab Cake Tower with Tomato, Avocado and Basil Salsa, Sweet Potato fries and Green Beans...I'll just tell you that my eyes rolled back in my head a little bit when I took my first bite.  I feel a re-creation coming on..especially when my hubby sees this picture. 

When we got back to the house that night, it was a little late for swimming, much to my boys' disappointment, so first thing this morning we headed out to the pool..
Our morning of fun left everyone pretty tired, including Grandpa. They are all currently taking naps, so I must go because there is a lawn chair out in the sun calling my name.

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  1. I NEED a crab cake tower in my life!!!!! YUMMO!

    Have fun!