Sunday, March 25, 2012

Covered Bridge

Saturday afternoon, my boys and Hubby and I all took a short, little road trip to check on one of our businesses over in Indiana.  Here's the thing about my boys...they know where every covered bridge is in Indiana....okay, maybe not every covered bridge, but definitely quite a few of them.... and if you are within two or three miles of one, something sets off an alarm in their little kiddie GPS brains.  They immediately start begging and pleading to go take a closer look. 
We caved..... and so we pulled into the covered bridge in Eugene, Indiana to let them run around a little bit...
There's nothing like a beautiful, red, covered bridge.
The boys do what every kid does, and race to the end....
Ben won...and then Chris won, ...I'm not sure how that works, exactly.
Boys will be boys ...and throw rocks.  If there is a rock to be thrown, Chris will find it. 
This looks like a man with a plan.
I think this is self explanatory.
Partners in crime

They checked out the whole place and then raced back to the other end of the bridge.. and Ben was the lone winner this time.
On the way out I took this picture of the view from the window, I thought it was pretty and worth sharing...

What a beautiful spring day. Then, later as we left our business, we met this guy..

He was actually staring us down in the middle of the road, all puffed out and showing off, then he  strutted off the side at his own pace....he had about seven lovely ladies waiting on him just beyond the tree line, so he couldn't act scared of the car..what would they think?
I took a couple pictures and then left him to it...he had a busy afternoon ahead of him.

p.s. Congratulations to Deana Newell, winner of the purse give away!!..and thanks to all that contributed and posted their comments!

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  1. Oh wow that is awesome. Thanks Valerie