Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Blue Chair

I thought I would share with you my recent "Lucy" moment of the week....

Have you ever had that moment when you have been talking with someone, and after the conversation is over you realize that your shirt is buttoned wrong or you had something in your teeth, and you think to yourself, "They didn't say anything about this, I wonder if they noticed."  ...And you are embarrassed the rest of the day.  This has never happened to me.

Just kidding, in fact, I probably don't have enough fingers and toes to count all the times I have done something like this, but this one takes the cake, I do believe..

I decided I needed a blue chair...and not just blue, but blue, if you get my drift.  I wanted a pretty, bright welcoming chair for my front porch to display the pretty, bright flowers I had just bought at my Danville Gardens Spring Luncheon.  It just so happens I have an old worn-out wooden chair in my garage and a fresh can of bright, Caribbean blue paint on the shelf...what a yesterday afternoon, the spray painting began. 

The boys were jumping with glee on their trampoline while I hummed happily as I turned my boring brown chair into a Caribbean delight to adorn my porch.  It didn't take long and before I knew it, it was drying in the garage and we were all in the house so I could begin making supper. 

In the middle of my supper-making, a landscaper arrived, so I stepped out and had about a 20 minute conversation with him about the ins and outs of proper grass growing...sounds exciting I know.  Then he was on his way with plans to turn my front lawn into a grassy carpet and I walked out the back door and ran into my fairly new neighbors and had a short conversation with them about our plans for the soon to be, freshly sodded front lawn.  Everyone was nice, helpful, and although I didn't know, they were probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me.

Fast forward to dinner time.  The family is all gathered around the table, eating happily, when my husband looks up and stares at me. 

Me:  What?
Hubby: You have blue hair and blue nostrils.
Me: What?
Hubby: You have blue hair and blue nostrils.
Me:  Nuh uh.
Hubby:  Yep, and it's blue.  Not just a little bit either.
Me: No way. (and I run for the bathroom mirror.)

Sure enough I have a very vibrant streak of blue where the blond streak in my hair used to be.  I also had blue nostrils, which weren't quite as noticeable, but there none the less. 
And then I thought back to the landscaper and the neighbors...even my kids, one said a thing. 
Well, I didn't have time to take a shower because we had to be somewhere, so I washed my face, channeled my inner Katie Perry, and off we went. 

So I grabbed the camera to show you the blue hair..

This picture actually mutes the color quite a bit....cause it was really blue...and still is a little bit.
But here is the blue chair, so maybe it was worth it?...Let me know.

I love the blue chair...the hair isn't going to stay.  And I love my husband for saying, "If it was anyone else, I would think they were nuts, but it's you, so it's cute."  ....good thing I married him.
Have a great day and let me know what you think of the chair!


  1. I L-O-V-E the "blue" chair! I can't wait to drive by your house to envy it. I really think it would look nice on my front porch! Your "Lucy" and "Martha" moments are precious-keep them coming. I look forward to each one!

    1. p.s. if you tell Buddy Ben you like it, he'll probably find a way to fit it in his