Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jurassic Park

The last couple days in Florida have been a whirl wind of fun, sun and of course, eating.  At this point I think I will need to run home to make up the calories. Although I haven't been completely stagnant...

My Step-Mother and I have played tennis a couple times.
We also took a trip to my boys' favorite place..Lion Country Safari..or as I like to call it..Jurassic Park

Kind of creepy isn't it?..We just need Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in the car and the experience would be complete.  Even though it isn't Jurassic Park, it's still pretty cool..a full on African Safari experience..
We wondered why this guy was in such a hurry...and then I realized he was late for his spa treatment..

There's nothing like a good mud bath.
If only I could wear stripes this well.
We headed in to see the lions, and...well they kind of make you rethink it for a minute..
But they were just napping....and it made me wish I was a lion. Naps in the sun...enough said.

This sign would be awesome in my yard...

You bet they do..
Here is one of the many Chimpanzees
And here is a Gibbon just hanging out..
I wanted to keep him, but then I realized I already had two monkeys of my own..
And finally the Giraffes..

And then we finally get to go inside the amusement part of the park, thank goodness.

We rode some rides..
and more rides..
and more rides..

The Giraffes looked like they needed a snack.
Then we were off to the sprinklers..
Here is what Ben did..
Here is what Chris did..
He's more an observer of human nature.

We're going off the rails on the crazy train.

You know I'm gonna share what I have been eating..
May I introduce you to the best garlic bread ever..

It will keep vampires away...and possibly everyone you come in contact with for the next few days..but it's soo worth it!
Can I just say Buca Di Bepo is awesome, and even though it's a chain, I don't get much opportunity to eat there in East Central it was a must do..
Here is my Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Carbonara, and Penne San Remo
And this is what good Italian food makes you feel like..
It's Amore.
Gotta go...I'm off to the beach.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Florida Day 1

We made it to Florida yesterday all in one piece and I didn't even leave a kid at the airport... I seriously have nightmares about stuff like that....
My Father and Step-Mother met us at the airport and off we went for a week of fun and sun. Here are the three hams in the back seat..
First stop...Banana Boat at Boynton Beach.  As soon as I get off the plane I immediately have to have my blood infused with's a rule that must always be obeyed.  So we sat on the patio at a neat restaurant called Banana Boat and I watched these guys while I ate..
And these guys...

And the dueling artists..
While we were waiting for our food we all learned some fun banana facts:
- The biggest Banana Split was 4.55 miles long
- The average American eats 33 pounds of bananas a year, that's 112 per person
- There are more than 500 varieties of bananas in the world.
- If Children have a hard time falling asleep, give them a banana, it is a natural sleep enhancer.
- The Banana Plant can grow 20 feet tall
- Mosquitoes prefer to bite someone that has just eaten a banana
- In India, a man once ate 81 bananas in a half hour
- If you laid all the bananas grown each year end to end they would go around the world more than 200 times
- Bananas are botanically classified as a berry

It is amazing what you can learn from a kids menu. And now for my glorious dinner..

Crab Cake Tower with Tomato, Avocado and Basil Salsa, Sweet Potato fries and Green Beans...I'll just tell you that my eyes rolled back in my head a little bit when I took my first bite.  I feel a re-creation coming on..especially when my hubby sees this picture. 

When we got back to the house that night, it was a little late for swimming, much to my boys' disappointment, so first thing this morning we headed out to the pool..
Our morning of fun left everyone pretty tired, including Grandpa. They are all currently taking naps, so I must go because there is a lawn chair out in the sun calling my name.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Covered Bridge

Saturday afternoon, my boys and Hubby and I all took a short, little road trip to check on one of our businesses over in Indiana.  Here's the thing about my boys...they know where every covered bridge is in Indiana....okay, maybe not every covered bridge, but definitely quite a few of them.... and if you are within two or three miles of one, something sets off an alarm in their little kiddie GPS brains.  They immediately start begging and pleading to go take a closer look. 
We caved..... and so we pulled into the covered bridge in Eugene, Indiana to let them run around a little bit...
There's nothing like a beautiful, red, covered bridge.
The boys do what every kid does, and race to the end....
Ben won...and then Chris won, ...I'm not sure how that works, exactly.
Boys will be boys ...and throw rocks.  If there is a rock to be thrown, Chris will find it. 
This looks like a man with a plan.
I think this is self explanatory.
Partners in crime

They checked out the whole place and then raced back to the other end of the bridge.. and Ben was the lone winner this time.
On the way out I took this picture of the view from the window, I thought it was pretty and worth sharing...

What a beautiful spring day. Then, later as we left our business, we met this guy..

He was actually staring us down in the middle of the road, all puffed out and showing off, then he  strutted off the side at his own pace....he had about seven lovely ladies waiting on him just beyond the tree line, so he couldn't act scared of the car..what would they think?
I took a couple pictures and then left him to it...he had a busy afternoon ahead of him.

p.s. Congratulations to Deana Newell, winner of the purse give away!!..and thanks to all that contributed and posted their comments!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Win This Purse..

So, I guess maybe you've noticed I've reached the 2000 hit mark this week?...No?  Well I did!! 2028 as of this moment to be exact.  And in honor of this event, and because I love ya, I am giving away this purse...
It's green.
It's polka-dot.
It's got bling.
What more could a girl want.
To enter is simple.  In the comment section of this post, type your favorite post so far from Saints and Scissors.  It could be Peanut Day or The Blue Chair...whatever it is, just type it into the comment section and post it.  This will automatically put your name in the drawing.  Please, only one entry per person! If you're a guy - enter for your sweetie, or your daughter... or yourself..who am I to judge.  The winner will be announced on Sunday night in my next blog, so hurry!
If you are unsure on how to post a comment, just go down to the bottom of this post and click on comment, then type in what you want to say, and choose name/URL  for the "comment as" part(unless you have a google account and you want to use that.)  Just leave the URL blank and click publish. 
Good Luck Everyone and Thanks for Reading!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Blue Chair

I thought I would share with you my recent "Lucy" moment of the week....

Have you ever had that moment when you have been talking with someone, and after the conversation is over you realize that your shirt is buttoned wrong or you had something in your teeth, and you think to yourself, "They didn't say anything about this, I wonder if they noticed."  ...And you are embarrassed the rest of the day.  This has never happened to me.

Just kidding, in fact, I probably don't have enough fingers and toes to count all the times I have done something like this, but this one takes the cake, I do believe..

I decided I needed a blue chair...and not just blue, but blue, if you get my drift.  I wanted a pretty, bright welcoming chair for my front porch to display the pretty, bright flowers I had just bought at my Danville Gardens Spring Luncheon.  It just so happens I have an old worn-out wooden chair in my garage and a fresh can of bright, Caribbean blue paint on the shelf...what a yesterday afternoon, the spray painting began. 

The boys were jumping with glee on their trampoline while I hummed happily as I turned my boring brown chair into a Caribbean delight to adorn my porch.  It didn't take long and before I knew it, it was drying in the garage and we were all in the house so I could begin making supper. 

In the middle of my supper-making, a landscaper arrived, so I stepped out and had about a 20 minute conversation with him about the ins and outs of proper grass growing...sounds exciting I know.  Then he was on his way with plans to turn my front lawn into a grassy carpet and I walked out the back door and ran into my fairly new neighbors and had a short conversation with them about our plans for the soon to be, freshly sodded front lawn.  Everyone was nice, helpful, and although I didn't know, they were probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me.

Fast forward to dinner time.  The family is all gathered around the table, eating happily, when my husband looks up and stares at me. 

Me:  What?
Hubby: You have blue hair and blue nostrils.
Me: What?
Hubby: You have blue hair and blue nostrils.
Me:  Nuh uh.
Hubby:  Yep, and it's blue.  Not just a little bit either.
Me: No way. (and I run for the bathroom mirror.)

Sure enough I have a very vibrant streak of blue where the blond streak in my hair used to be.  I also had blue nostrils, which weren't quite as noticeable, but there none the less. 
And then I thought back to the landscaper and the neighbors...even my kids, one said a thing. 
Well, I didn't have time to take a shower because we had to be somewhere, so I washed my face, channeled my inner Katie Perry, and off we went. 

So I grabbed the camera to show you the blue hair..

This picture actually mutes the color quite a bit....cause it was really blue...and still is a little bit.
But here is the blue chair, so maybe it was worth it?...Let me know.

I love the blue chair...the hair isn't going to stay.  And I love my husband for saying, "If it was anyone else, I would think they were nuts, but it's you, so it's cute."  ....good thing I married him.
Have a great day and let me know what you think of the chair!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring!! One of my favorite things to do that marks the beginning of Spring is to attend the Danville Gardens Annual Spring Luncheon with my Mother and a few friends.  I look forward to it every year and I am a ritual type of gal so if I don't go, I might have an anxiety attack or something, but here are a few of the reasons I love to go..

You walk into the beautiful, warm greenhouse and take in the displays and all the pretty plants...

Picnic basket as a planter...what a clever idea, huh?

Next you walk over to your table and take in all the prettiness going on there.....girls just love this kinda stuff....

Next we walk around and take in more prettiness...
and more...

(I have to divulge that I bought the little basket with the welcome sign attached)
And we get some cute ideas, like this...
Next we take our seats and get to the good part...lunch. I was too busy eating to take a picture of it, but it was good. We take in a fashion show and listen to all the new ideas and new flowers and plants that are going to be available this Spring, but the best part is spending time with my girls..
Mary Lou and Grandma

Grandma and Rose
Me and Becky

Lisa, Leigh and my Mom
(I love the look Lisa is giving me in this says.."I only put up with you because I don't have anyone to help me hide the body") Love ya Lisa!
Here are some random pics of prettiness..

The trees on each side of the basket are dwarf flowering peach trees that are new this year, they are called a Patio Peach..and if I concentrate really hard, I think I can still hear them calling my name.

Maybe the one thing I love the most about the whole day, is when I pull up in front of my garage and open the back of the car and ask my husband and all his muscles to remove the huge ceramic urn I bought.  He gives me that look that says, "I know you peeled the price tag off."  and I give him a look back that says,"who me?"
Have a Happy Spring!

If you would like to learn more about Danville Gardens and their upcoming events, click here