Friday, February 24, 2012

The Raccoon

If you have ever been in my salon then you know we like a little sparkle....okay, a LOT of sparkle. In fact, the more the better is our usual mantra. Any given day, you could come in and at least one of us that work there have some sort of sparkle, glitter or shimmer somewhere on our person. It is such a "thing" with us, that Kenzie, a stylist, actually made us customized aprons with bling on them for Christmas.. and we LOVE them!

 I come by it honest, after all I am my Mother's daughter. My Mother has always been a glitter fanatic. My Sister and I nicknamed her the Raccoon while we were growing up because if it was shiny, she was attracted to it in a "walk into on-coming traffic" kind of a way. We joked and poked fun the way teenagers do, thinking that we were much to cool to ever like anything that she would like. Then slowly through my twenties, I noticed my wardrobe, jewelry, and even make-up started to have that certain "twinkle". One day it finally happened, the realization hit me that I am just like my Mom, ridiculously attracted to anything shiny, I have become the Raccoon.

Well, last summer this Raccoon was looking for new artwork to hang in the salon. Tired of all the hair posters that had taken up the walls, I wanted something classier and with a little sparkle.
On vacation with my family on Fort Myers Beach, I went into a little boutique that caught my eye and saw a few beautiful pieces of artwork that would have been perfect. Oil paintings of a woman's high heel, hat or sunglasses adorned the walls of this little shop, but most importantly, the artwork had rhinestones embedded in the was awesome...until I looked at the price tags. I came home from our trip with those paintings in my head trying to come up with a way to do something like them.

One day while walking through Hobby Lobby I came upon a few posters that I knew I had to have.  They were gorgeous prints of photographs taken back in the 50's of women in full "glam". They were so classy I knew I had to have them for the salon, and even better, they were on sale! The only thing that slowed me down was that I was going to miss that sparkle.  Then it hit me what to do, so I gave all the posters and frames to the unsuspecting young man that was helping me and asked him to meet me up front at the cash register and I hurried over to the scrap booking department.

Now there is usually only one of two reasons you would ever find me in the scrap booking department. The first being that I am completely lost and wandered in accidentally, or second,  I am delirious with fever and should be taken to the hospital immediately. There is just something about the whole scrap booking process that gives me the hives. But here I am making a mad dash in to find clear, self-adhesive rhinestones, cause baby I have a plan. I will soon have glittery artwork.

Since I have hung my sparkly prints on the walls, I have had several people ask me where I got them. When I tell them that I made them, they want to know how I did it. So, I thought I would share it with you here and maybe you can come up with your own glittery piece of art for your walls.

I took a print of this photo and several like it...

and added the corresponding size of rhinestone onto the jewelry in the photo. I tried to get it to match up as closely as I could.  

Then I put it in a frame and had a wonderfully blingy piece of art.
I know it's a little hard to tell in this photo how it looks, especially with the reflection, but it gives the art a 3-D look.
I think this would be awesome in a bathroom, and especially a little girls room with more youthful art subjects. All I know is that it is definitely not the last time I will be "blinging" up art.

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  1. Great writing!!
    Yes, I agree that you have your mom's eye for bling, but your artistic eye and your obsession to create from your dad...Everything you touch turns out beautifully!!!